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Drake, the guy who just really doesn't give a shit, yet keeps gaining followers. Welcome.


Anonymous whispered: You're attractive.

I didn’t know I’m a magnet

Well I got called into work
I’m very upset
It was one of those “drop what you’re doing and come help in an hour or else let everyone down” kind of things
Fuck this shit

Nope I just had to listen to really lame jokes by some random dude lmao peaces off omegle

Going on omegle for a few minutes lol
My interests are “bro-slimshady-strider” for anyone who wants to say hi

Anonymous whispered: *uses magic power to supply you with a neverending cheesecake*

Who are you
You must know me personally
To know that cheesecake is the answer to all my problems

Anonymous whispered: Seriously this blog is so pointless you just shamelessly post random selfies and creep on chicks

Assholes are picking a baaaad night to pick a fight with me
I will tear your fucking head off

Having kind of a rough night, then I fucked up because I took it out on my friends.
Now I feel extra bad
I just needed to vent
Thanks guys



Great thing about webcam cosplay

Pants are optional. (lol innuendo.)


Jane ain’t takin none of Dirks bullshit

NEW suspenders. I know is not as nice as yesterday’s dapper photos, but hey.

I bought fucking suspenders today.


I was challenged by my friend Bradley (who kinda shares a blog with our friend Drake) so here we go! Help me spread this so Andrew W.K., Jeph Jaques, and Egoraptor see this!

Anonymous whispered: Holy fucking cow. You're so fucking dapper. I cannot fucking deal with this.

Well I’m fucking sorry. I can’t fucking help it. Fucking thank you.

Friend of mine was being dapper, so I decided to do the same.