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If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

vann-haal replied to your post: I’m getting way too excited over Pathf…

PATHFINDER YOU SAY omg sorry im just so excited about tabletop rps. watcha make? like race and class? my favorite is an elf rogue i made awhile back

I made an Elf Bard hehe
He’s an ex-noble and a real shmoozer. He also enjoys a nice cup of tea

kimeronica replied to your post: I’m getting way too excited over Pathf…

if you have a local d and d store (That sells dungeons and dragons stuff as well as magic cards) you could hang out there for a bit, see if you meet anyone?

That’s the plan this friday, we have the Comic Book Shop but a lot of the guys there are the guys who play tabletop so intensely that they make characters that one shot everything and decks the beat you in two turns.
They’re no fun at all to play with unless you’re one of them

I’m getting way too excited over Pathfinder.
I just made a character.
So stoked,
Want to try him out.
Nobody nearby knows how to DM that isn’t a dick that I’m not friends with
What do I do

Anonymous whispered: hey dude are you okay?

I have all week off with nothing to do but sit around in my hot room with nobody to talk to

Anonymous whispered: my good gracious you are a very attractive person. I cosplay bro and i wish i had that jawbone wow

Thanks you can have it if you want

Today is not a very good day, I must admit.

Anonymous whispered: Visit me in Dallas some times

Seriously I pray for your swift and brutal demise every night before I lay my head on my pillow.
Imagining it helps me sleep

Anonymous whispered: Do you have any favorite bands as of late?

Maroon 5, Boston, and System of a Down

Anonymous whispered: if you don't mind my asking, are you sexually attracted to men or women? (or neither if that's how you roll)

Both. More women than men.

Anonymous whispered: Do u get lots of fan mail??

A lot, yes.

Anonymous whispered: You ever turn anon off.???

I have once before, yeah.

Anonymous whispered: How's the weather in Dallas? I heard it's pretty hot down there this summer.

I will punch you in the taint

Anonymous whispered: have you accepted Talos as your father and savior?

But I do believe in the nine
The Thalmor are cowards

Anonymous whispered: Pretty sure bro-slimshady-strider is just jealous because you look better than them with your shirt off d:






Well, it’s true.

Just had to make this gay didn’t you

Ew no ur super gross

There is that better